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DSIR - Service

Food and Parcel Delivery

DSIR is a food and parcel delivery app, designed to facilitate Lao society. With the new DSIR app, you will receive the most convenient service with rich build-in delivery features such as self pickup order, pre-order and delivery tracking.
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Core Services in DSIR - Service

As a user, you do not need to register to view our large database of dishes from our restaurant partners. We offer two ways of registration namely using personal mobile phones or using social network accounts like Facebook and Google account.

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Food Delivery

You will find your favorite restaurants to satisfy your taste. With a few simple clicks, your favorite dishes will be delivered at your door step by our professional and well-trained delivery boys.

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Package Delivery

We offers three sizes of package from 2 KG to 10 KG. Whenever you need to delivery to your friends, family or your work, just a few clicks our delivery boys will help you get your package delivery done.

Introducing The New Features

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Order your lunch earlier with DSIR - Service to avoid waiting in the long line but you can still enjoy a plenty of favorite and popular restaurants with DSIR - Service.  



You love your customize dishes from last week and DSIR knew that. Just a few click, you can receive the same preference from your favorite restaurants. 


Live - Tracking

The whole order process can be tracked, recorded and notified you. You can track the current status of your order or even viewing the live route of our delivery boy.


Self Pick-up

Even though We are delivery service company, we allow our clients to pick their order from our partner restaurants. Because we believe in good food sharing in the family. 

Hotline Call :1403

This service is designed for Lao stores who want to distribute their goods to the door step of their customers with ease. 
Offline Package delivery cost(KM)

0.1 KM-5 KM

5 KM - 7 KM

8 KM - 10 KM

10 KM - 13 KM

13 KM - 15 KM

15 KM - 17 KM

17 KM - 20 KM

20 KM - 25 KM

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